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BCS Plymouth

The Bereavement Counselling Service (BCS) is a charity which offers specialist bereavement counselling in response to complicated grief and traumatic loss.

Bereavement at Plymouth Hospitals

They provide sensitive, sympathetic support and assistance to the individual needs of bereaved relatives and carers to help them through the procedures following the death of a patient at the hospitals.


Plymouth Help and Support for Carers

If you’re over 18 and look after a partner, family member, or friend with an illness or disability, you can ask for a carer’s assessment via their website to look at how caring affects you and the sort of help you need.

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

Devon Carers

Devon Carers is an information and support service run by six organisations working together to improve the quality of services for all carers in Devon. They provide information, assessment and support for carers living in the Devon County Council area or caring for someone living in the Devon County Council area. They have staff based all across Devon.

Child Health

School Nursing Service

The school nurse team offers public health advice and support to school aged children and their families.

Childhood illness visual guide

Use this visual guide to help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child. Includes conditions such as measles, slapped cheek syndrome, chicken pox and warts.

Caring for Children with Coughs

This leaflet contains information about how to look after a child who has a cough (not due to asthma).

Vaccination planner

Download a personalised vaccination calendar, which highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.

Community Groups

Down’s Syndrome – Plymouth and Area Support Group

The group’s aim is to provide thoughtful and understanding support, share useful and relevant information, celebrate achievement and success, have fun together and build friendships.

Meetup Plymouth

Meetup groups you can find in Plymouth.

YMCA Plymouth

YMCA Plymouth enables people to develop their full potential. Young people are the focus of much of their work, but helping to ensure that young people have the best chances in life also means supporting parents and families, to help create a supportive, inclusive and energising community where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.

Plymouth IVC

Plymouth IVC is a vibrant and friendly social club based in the historic south west country city of Plymouth, Devon. There’s always something happening in the club, theme nights, pub nights, meals out, cinema, theatre and concerts, walking, book club, weekends away and many other varied activities.

Domestic Abuse

Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services (PDAS)

Plymouth Domestic Abuse Services provide support for men, women and children who need advice and protection from domestic abuse. They offer a wide range of help including a refuge, one-to-one support and confidential advice.

Men’s Advice Line

Advice and support for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid is the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drinkaware Online Tools & Apps

Online trackers and apps from Drinkaware to help you avoid harm from alcohol.

One You Days Off – Mobile App

The One You Days Off app is a simple and easy way to track the days you drink alcohol and the days you don’t.


If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s drinking, you can call this free helpline, in complete confidence.

Harbour Centre Plymouth

Harbour is there to help anyone, including family and friends, affected by the misuse of drugs and alcohol by providing information, education, assessment and care co-ordination. They manage community based treatment services and work together with other services, voluntary, private and public, to see that every available option to address individual needs is explored.

Talk to Frank

If you have a problem with drugs, Talk to Frank for friendly, confidential drugs advice.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing at Work have over 100 trained and supported Wellbeing Champions, making a difference in their workplace. Strong evidence shows how having a healthy workforce using effective workplace programs and policies can reduce health risks and improve the quality of life for all workers.

One You Plymouth

Are you looking to take the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle? One You Plymouth can help you take the first steps to your new healthier lifestyle, supporting you to make simple changes towards a longer and happier life. One You Plymouth provides tools, support and encouragement every step of the way, to help improve your health and lifestyle by making small changes yourself, or with friends and family.

Western Locality Resource Hub

This is a central source of information about healthcare in West Devon. In the resource hub you’ll find advice and instructions about medical conditions, treatments, medications, care options and hospital details. Discover a range of videos, links, articles and supportive documents that will help you find the answer you’re looking for.

Samaritans of Plymouth

They offer a safe place for you to talk any time you like, in your own way – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal.

The Zone

The Zone offers a wide range of information, advice, counselling and support services to young people.

They support over 5500 young people, who come through their doors, each year. Their drop in service, available 6 days a week, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, offers young people emotional support and information around many issues including housing, sexual health and mental health.

Livewell Southwest

Livewell Southwest is a recognised provider of integrated health and social care services operating across South Hams, West Devon and Plymouth, with additional responsibilities for delivering specialist services to people living in certain parts of Cornwall and Devon. Integrating health and social care means that they can deliver care for people in new ways which are more efficient, with professionals who would have previously worked in individual teams now working together. This way of working helps them to deliver the right care to people, in the right place, at the right time.

PADS (Plymouth, Anxiety, Depression Support)

P.A.D.S is an informal mental health support group run by adults with mental health issues for adults with mental health issues. It’s somewhere where adults with mental health issues can all come together for coffee and a chat.


Free anonymous online chat for young people to discuss your mental health issues.


Rethink provide expert, accredited advice and information to everyone affected by mental health problems.

Elderly Care

Fall Prevention

Falls are the single biggest cause of accidental injuries in the home. While they can affect people of all ages, they are most common and tend to be more serious for people in later life.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and keeping good levels of strength and balance can reduce your chances of having a fall. Knowing about hazards in the home is also important, so you can make some quick, simple changes to address them.

Adult Care and Health

Adult care services provided by Plymouth Council.


Dementia UK offers specialist one-to-one support and expert advice for people living with dementia.

Western Locality Resource Hub

This is a central source of information about healthcare in West Devon. In the resource hub you’ll find advice and instructions about medical conditions, treatments, medications, care options and hospital details. Discover a range of videos, links, articles and supportive documents that will help you find the answer you’re looking for.

Age UK

Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. They believe in a world where everyone can love later life and they work every day to achieve this.

Silver Line

Free phone support for older people, 24 hours a day.


Positive Tests

If you get a positive test, you do not need to see a doctor unless you have any concerns; after 7 days, please go online and complete the ‘Plymouth Midwife Booking Form’.

Midwife Appointments

To book an appointment with the Community Midwife please contact 07780 684 761.

Baby Buddy App

Baby Buddy is an award winning mobile phone app for new parents and parents-to-be, created by mums, doctors and midwives.


Self Referral to Physiotherapy at University Hospital Plymouth

What is self-referral?

This is the new way for patients that are registered with a Plymouth GP to access our physiotherapy service The aim of the new system is to enable patients to activate a referral of treatment without having to visit your GP. Self-referral schemes around the country have shown encouraging benefits to both patients and local health communities. Patients can be seen quicker preventing chronic issues and reducing the need for prescriptions and expensive diagnostic tests. It will also reduce the GP musculoskeletal workload, freeing up appointment slots in their busy clinics. Patient satisfaction with self-referral is high as it encourages engagement and allows patients to state exactly what their symptoms are and how it affects them.

What conditions / injuries do we treat?

Musculoskeletal problems such as neck pain, back pain, muscle strains, ligament strains and arthritis are appropriate for this service. Unfortunately self-referral is not open to patients with neurological conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, Stroke and respiratory conditions. For treatment of these conditions you would have to be referred by your GP in the normal way and to the appropriate physiotherapy service.

For more information and to self-refer to this service, please visit www.plymouthhospitals.nhs.uk.

Sexual Health

Your Ship

Your Ship is a free and confidential sexual health service run by a friendly and non-judgemental team. The service is open to everyone.

National Sexual Health Helpline

If you would like to talk to someone about a sexual health issue, you can call the national sexual health helpline. Your call will be treated with sensitivity and in strict confidence. The Sexual Health Helpline is open from 09:00-20:00, Monday-Friday.

Family Planning Association

They are a sexual health charity. They give straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK.

The Zone

The Zone provide free and confidential sexual health services in Plymouth 6 days a week.


Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year.

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is designed to support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs, and many schemes are focused on improving mental health and physical well-being.

Those who could benefit from social prescribing schemes include people with mild or long-term mental health problems, vulnerable groups, people who are socially isolated, and those who frequently attend either primary or secondary health care.

To make a self referral either phone 01752 203673 or email [email protected].

When emailing please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • NHS No (if known)
  • Address
  • Contact number(s)
  • Email address
  • GP name
  • Practice
  • Brief description of reason for referral

Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation at Elm Surgery

We provide a smoking cessation service at the surgery.

One You Plymouth

One You Plymouth Stop Smoking Advisors can support you throughout your quit attempt and will see you until you feel completely confident to remain smoke free. You are four times more likely to quit for good with support.

Quit with help

Everyone has a different reason for quitting, get a personalised quit smoking Plan.

Weight Management

Western Locality Resource Hub

This is a central source of information about healthcare in West Devon. In the resource hub you’ll find advice and instructions about medical conditions, treatments, medications, care options and hospital details. Discover a range of videos, links, articles and supportive documents that will help you find the answer you’re looking for.

One You Couch to 5K – Mobile App

The Couch to 5K app has been designed to get you off the couch and running in just 9 weeks. Grab your trainers, download the app and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Slimming World

You’ll find delicious recipe and menu ideas at your local group, along with all the help you need to get started and reach your target weight.

Weight Watchers Plymouth

Each weekly weight loss meeting will include a weigh-in, a group chat and a swapping of support, weight-loss tips and delicious and healthy recipes for you to try back home with family and friends.

One You Easy Meals – Mobile App

The free Easy Meals app is a great way to eat foods that are healthier for you. You’ll find delicious, easy meal ideas to help get you going if you’re ever short of inspiration.

Am I a Healthy Weight?

Calculate your BMI using this NHS Tool.