Change of Clinical IT System – Elm Surgery

We are changing our clinical IT system in August 2023 and we want to explain why we are doing this and what impact this will have on the service we provide to you.

Will I still be able to book ROUTINE appointments?

We will continue to offer routine appointments as usual in our practice from now until Tuesday 25 July.

Between Wednesday 26th July and Thursday 3rd August we will NOT be able to offer routine appointments while we experience the ‘cut-over’ period between the two systems. 

Will I still be able to book URGENT appointments?

We will also continue to offer urgent same day appointments throughout this change, including the ‘cut-over’ period. 

Anyone who needs urgent care during the ‘cut-over’ period between Wednesday 26th July and Thursday 3rd August should continue to contact the practice via the online form on the Elm Surgery website

When will the practice be running normally again?

We will have full access to our new appointment diary from Friday 4th August. With any change in digital system, we expect to have “teething” issues, so we are asking our patients to please bear with us and please be patient from 4th August until 18th August while we settle into our new system.  If we are having any issues which may extend any problems we experience, we will keep you informed.

What is SystmOne?

It is a clinical record system used to record patient care electronically (your health records).

Why are you changing systems?

Lots of other healthcare providers use SystmOne locally and seeing additional benefits from having the same systems. This includes the ability to see records in real-time with secure access to the data for patients and NHS users. This is called “interoperability”.

Having interoperability between systems, enables seamless, digital workflows in and between the different care settings (such as hospitals, community services, mental health and primary care), in real time, with the same quality standards and supporting how the staff in the different organisations look after people and patients more efficiently.

As a member of Sound PCN, this will allow us to share the staff across practices more efficiently, as they can change how they support all patients.  This is because they can access the patient information more easily and consistently capture what they have done into your records, which will improve the outcome of each time you contact your practice.

This will also help with overseeing who is accessing your information and when they are accessing it, which we can’t do when we send files via email or other secure record sharing system.

Who can access my record?

Only health and care professionals who are treating you will be authorised to access your record. If you access another service, they will require you to consent or approve to see any previous medical history or notes, unless legally required. Administrative staff within services you are seeing may have limited access to your health records, in order for them to book appointments for you.

What are the benefits?

Sharing your clinical information will ensure that the health and care professionals treating you will have the most up to date information to provide you with the most appropriate care. In addition, the information can be accessed faster than with paper or emailed/shared summary records, so not to delay your care. All health and care professionals have a Duty of Confidentiality to patients and will only access confidential and clinical information if necessary, for the provision of your treatment or safety.

Do I have to share my record?

It is your choice if you do not wish for all, or part of your clinical record to be shared. However, you must be aware that without knowledge of other medical treatment, your care could be restricted or impacted upon.

I do not want to share my entire record?

If you do not wish any other health organisation to see all or part of your clinical record, you can request that your information is restricted. It is important to note that if you chose this option, your GP record will still continue to be shared within the GP practice.

What do I do if I do not want certain parts of my record shared or withdraw consent?

If you wish to restrict certain parts of your clinical record or restrict access to certain professionals, this can be done upon request to the relevant health or care professional or write to the Practice Management team.